Quick Bites: Stamey’s Barbecue

The state of North Carolina is full of great barbecue so it’s safe to say that everyone we met while traveling through the state has their favorites. One name we heard time and time again was Stamey’s, and we knew we had to check it out.

If you have never had North Carolina barbecue, and in this case Lexington Style – long story short you are getting slow roasted pork over a wood fire that has a thin sauce made up of tomato, vinegar, and spices.

We pulled up at Stamey’s right around the time it opened for the day and the parking lot was already filled with regulars and the familiar smell of meat slow roasting on a fire. Inside we were greeted by a large, open dining room decorated with snapshots and memories of Stamey’s dating back to 1930. My go-to order at any North Carolina barbecue spot is Chopped Pork, Slaw, and Hushpuppies and the same was true for this visit to Stamey’s. The pork had a great smoky taste –  the sauce added a nice spice that was also mimicked in the slaw and the hushpuppies were fresh and hot. Stamey’s also earns bonus points for serving my childhood favorite and NC classic Cheerwine.

Stamey’s Barbecue 
2206 W. Gate Blvd
Greensboro, NC 27403

What’s your favorite barbecue spot? Let us know in the comments below!

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