Roll me out of here please.

We took half a day off last Friday to head to DC for an event. We got into the city around 5, and had plenty of time to stop off at one of our favorite places in Northeast DC before our event at 8.

After about a 5-10 minute walk from MoMA/Gaulladet metro stop, we had dinner/dessert at Union Market. If you’ve never been or heard of it, basically Union Market is a gourmet food hall. When you enter, a bright white backdrop and a plethora of very enticing sights and smells greet you.

The feel of the place is very inviting; it’s open and has an airy atmosphere. There is a large selection of vendors, including a farm stand selling fresh produce, a butcher and a creamery. But it’s not all food, they also have a store called Salt and Sundry, which has a lot of unique home and kitchen items. I will say, however, we have never purchased anything from them because while the stuff is really special, it’s also pretty pricey. They were selling some hand-poured soy candles that were tempting, but we didn’t want to be forced to schlep around with a heavy candle with the rest of the night so we passed.  IMG_3297

Union Market offers a good selection and lots of different options, and so we decided to try something from a few different places rather than a whole meal from one place. Overall, the quality of food at every place we ate was exceptional.

We tried Righteous Cheese and split a cheese sandwich. It was soooo good. It was simple, just Fontina and sourdough, but its simplicity made it better because the quality of the ingredients were top notch.IMG_0994

We shared a roasted pork and rice bowl at TaKorean. This was by far our favorite. The rice was perfectly cooked and creamy, the coleslaw added some bitterness and a little bit of tart, and the sriracha drizzle brought the heat. And the pork… oh, the pork. Ill let you have a look:IMG_5677

DC Empanadas were a favorite with their barbeque empanada. We also shared a cheese empanada and a jerk chicken. They were perfectly fried and served with tomatilla salsa.IMG_5509

The BBQ Joint was delicious; we shared a few bites of their brisket. It was slow roasted/smoked, fell apart on your fork, and didn’t even need sauce.IMG_1413

We also grabbed some macarons for the drive home from Panorama Bakery. The cookies were a great consistency, but were almost too sweet to eat! We only made it through one (lime) before we packed them back up.IMG_9696

The cool thing about the Union Market is that is really gives local businesses a place to shine. It creates a culture where restaurants can thrive because they don’t have to worry about a ton of overhead, they just have to rent the space and cook the food.

We were beyond stuffed when we left, but it was well worth it.

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